A Dog With An Ingrown Collar Trying To Survive

Feed Friends saw an urgent plea for help on Facebook. A dog in very bad shape was seen wandering the streets and the most awful part was that he had a rope that was completely embedded in his skin around his neck. Several people went to look for him but he was not found.

A couple of days later, we saw him quite far from the location where he was first seen. We knew we needed to act fast since he was weak, very hesitant but not sticking to one location.

Fortunately, we could catch him but the shape he was in brought tears to our eyes. This rope around his neck does not cause these horrific wounds in days or weeks. This is a case of severe neglect. Many dogs on the island of Curacao are tied with ropes or chains and without a collar.

Owners don’t realize the damage it can cause, or they simply don’t care. Taking off the rope felt like a new start for Boef and after a couple of days, we already saw a different dog.

With just a little care and love, he felt so much better! And when we found a foster for him (who also helped to catch him), we knew his life would improve even more. Boef learned how to enjoy life, live with other dogs and play.

His skin condition also visibly improved and he is now a beautiful and loving dog. We will never know what he has been through but that’s ok since he has an amazing life now!