A fight for life between a dog and a snake

Everyone knows that dogs are people’s most loyal friends. Two-year-old Pitbull dog Nong Horm proved this at the cost of his life when a snake attacked his owner.

The cobra is undoubtedly one of the deadliest snakes in the world. Its venom is so powerful that it can kill a giant in just three hours.

51-year-old Surion Chantakhet said that the dog is “pious” and even though she was pregnant she gave her life to save them.

Mr. Suriyan Junket earlier this week posted his dead dog lying next to a poisonous snake in Pathum Thani on Facebook.

The snake was crawling towards the junket and the dog, sensing this and giving in to its instincts, immediately engaged in a fight with the unwanted guest and within an hour it was numb, culminating in the disaster.

The snake managed to bite. Mr. Junket told “Amari” TV station that no one should talk about the incident.

Mr. Junket is seen tattooing Nong Hom on his lower body in one of many tattoos showing how much he loves her.
She also admitted that her son could not come to terms with the thought for a long time.

He continued to cry and hug her throughout the night.

Many readers responded positively to this info as many of them had dogs of their own. It is not the first time that dogs have been praised for saving a person from a snake bite.