A Month Later After Camp Fire Family Returns Home And Finds Their Dog Still Waiting For Them

A month after the Camp Fire, a homeowner returned to see what was left of her home and was both surprised and delighted that her dog had survived the blaze.

Andrea Gaylord said that when she returned to her home in Paradise, California, her beloved dog Madison was patiently waiting to come home.Gaylord reported: ,,You can not ask for a better animal, you just can’t.”

Gaylord thought Madison had survived the fire and contacted Shayla Sullivan, a volunteer animal rescuer, who inspected her property.

Sullivan first sought out and cared for Gaylord’s other dog, named Miguel. Madison and Miguel are siblings. Sullivan noted that Gaylord regularly visited his property and left food and water for Madison, an Anatolian sheepdog.

When the evacuation orders were lifted, Gaylord returned home to see the damage for himself. When he arrived at the estate, Madison was already there.

,,Imagine the loyalty of standing and waiting here in the worst of circumstances.” Gaylord said. ,,It was very moving.”

The Camp Fire killed 84 people and destroyed Paradise, a Northern California town of 150,000.

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