A pit bull named Lola, who had spend more than 8 years in a garage, finally finds her happy place

A poor pitbull with a name Lola was locked in a garage for more than 8 years when the AMA, an animal rescue center arrived and rescued him.

His life was hard and cruel when there was no comfortable and warm place to sleep or delicious food. He could hardly even see the light.

One day a passerby noticed the pit bull and called for help.

When the team arrived, they talked to the owner and persuaded him to take Lola with them for a better life.

They approached Lola cautiously, thinking that the pit bull would be scared.

Although Lola was worried at first, her little tail soon began to flutter.

The staff realized that she would accept their help. He is incredibly kind, very happy to finally meet his rescuers.

They immediately took Lola to Kind veterinary hospital for animals, where they removed several tumors.

She was then transferred to a foster home for several months.

Fortunately, our beloved pit bull did not wait long to find her final home.

One of the residents, Charlene Saheir, decided to adopt the dog when she saw it.

Lola has so many comfy places to relax now that she could not even imagine.

Lovely baby loves to relax on sofas or yard furniture.

She is quietly enjoying the sun and his new wonderful life.

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