A street pit bull saved a girl’s life from intruders. However, he himself suffered greatly in the process

Dogs are natural protectors. They are always ready to help if needed. Moreover, this applies not only to pets, but also to the homeless.

So this story took place in the US state of Georgia. The dog didn’t have a home and he somehow involuntarily began to watch the terrible scene. A street bully attacked the girl and the pit bull immediately rushed to protect him.

However, the offender had a knife in his hands, with which, unfortunately, he harmed the dog inflicting 5 blows. When the police arrived, the poor animal was bleeding and in a very difficult condition and the girl told them how the dog fearlessly protected her.

But now it was urgently necessary to save the dog, since his condition was very serious, so the sergeants urgently took her to the veterinarian, where they urgently began to save her. And after a while she started to get better.

During the treatment period,were discovered other ailments and injuries, which, for sure, were also inflicted by people. She was given a nickname to match the Hero.And the girl whose life he saved, Karla, completely assumed the cost of his treatment and when he recovered, she became her mistress.

But then conditions forced to transfer the dog to another family and the couple is happy to be the owners of the hero.