A talented makeup artist helps a woman regain her self-confidence by transforming her beyond recognition

Applying makeup, if it is done by a makeup artist, is now elevated to the rank of art.

The abundance of materials used, and fashion trends, provide an opportunity for many variations. And the master can not only improve the quality of his work, but create unique images.

Before and after shots show not only miracles of transformation, but also special techniques that colleagues and amateurs take note of.

The makeup artist pushes the boundaries of the makeup, subordinating all his actions to the creation of a harmonious and holistic image. It not only masks, but reveals the aesthetics of each person inherent in nature.

Makeup is only a means, not an end. This blurs the lines between the beauty industry and therapy.

There are already a number of transformation examples on social media of women. These, at first glance, one-time actions, suggest a long-term effect.

The history of the stranger in the photographs will remain a mystery. She chose to remain anonymous.

Professionals will be able to evaluate the work of a colleague, make comments or take note of a successful experience. And ordinary users witnessed a miraculous transformation of a woman who returned her smile. She got rid of the doomed sadness in her eyes.

Such beauty-revealing sessions become the start for the process of psychological rehabilitation. Surgeons are not always able to provide a result.

Many people are skeptical about the possibilities of masking serious flaws. But as practice shows, after the first experience made by the masters, the models themselves are convinced that this helps to gain confidence and stop hiding.

The heroine of the photo shoot was able to receive support and motivation from many commentators, who sincerely admired her transformation.

She, like many other models, can make her choice.

There are cases when women adapt to the long daily makeup process, and do it not for others, but for themselves. This becomes a co