A Uncommon Sight, This Pregnant Donkey Gave Birth To Unusual Twins

Seeing a child born has always been a wonderful event. If an animal gives birth, the thrill of witnessing the event is increased double. Foals being born to donkeys is a common occurrence. It is uncommon to see a mare give birth to twin babies – though.

Recently, a horse in Oklahoma made headlines when she gave birth to twin babies. There were two infants—one boy and one girl. Only 1.5% of mares give birth to twin foals, according to the research. Steve and Betsy were the names of the mare Bella’s foals.

Elena, the warm-hearted owner’s daughter, assisted Belle in nursing the twins. Bella belonged to Saundra Traywick. The infants were so small that it was difficult for them to reach up and drink Belle’s milk. Fortunately, Saundra was always available to assist the foals.

Saundra claims that it is difficult for both twin foals to survive at the same time. They needed to be able to eat properly as a result. Unfortunately, Saundra stumbled on a hole while dragging one of the young donkeys over the grassy area and severely twisted her ankle.

She continued to care for the foals despite this. Wendy, a different donkey owned by Saundra, just gave birth to Tinkerbell. Tinkerbell had surgery on her umbilical cord, so her mother and daughter were present at OSU.

Urine was seeping into her abdominal cavity as a result of the cord’s internal tear. She admitted that the area’s fence was awful and that Bella and her puppies would need to be relocated to another part of the property. An incident where a baby donkey became tangled in the net and caught in the fence occurred earlier. Because electrifying the wall would kill the young animals on the property, Saundra decided against doing so.

Even now, Betsy found it difficult to reach up and drink her mother’s milk. Saundra therefore pondered whether she could reach up if she raised her head really high, similar to a giraffe. She hoped Saundra wouldn’t have to bottle-feed the twin foals if they were able to nurse on their own. Elena made repeated unsuccessful attempts to convince Betsy to drink some of her mother’s milk.


Source: vnews4.com