Adorable Puppy Makes 11M Hearts Melt By Falling Into Sleep During A Photoshoot

This adorable puppy decided that having his initiation photo was not as important as catching some sleep. There have been 11.2M views on this adorableness, and we would be betraying you if we didn’t share it with you.

This small puppy named Benny decided it would be much more fun to sleep while he was being photographed

Benny, the pup, was born at the Guide Dog Foundation. The puppy is meant to succeed in a real-world scenario and could end up serving as a service dog for a veteran, a guide dog for the blind, or an aid to first responders. Trainers needed an initiation shot before they could decide which puppy is the best match!

The Guide Dog Foundation now takes images of all the puppies born at the facility for the annual photo session. They were thrilled to photograph the cute little Benny, however, the photo session fell around nap time.

Benny will be trained by the Guide Dog Foundation in preparation for becoming either a guide dog or a service dog
Puppy Sleep During A PhotoshootSource: WeRateDogs

Even though the pup tried his best, it was too late. The nap had overcome him, and he quickly slumped down. According to Rebecca Eden, the online marketing coordinator of the Guide Dog Foundation, Benny looked sleepier than ever, and we could see him starting to doze off so we quickly began filming just in time to watch him slowly tip over”. You can hear one staff member saying “Goodnight” as he drifts off while the other members of our nursery staff and photographer were all laughing.