After Pregnant Horse Gives Birth To Foal, Owners Are Shocked By Her Uncommon Afterbirth

When one of Jenni Benson’s pregnant horses finally gave birth at the Saratoga Stud horse farm in South Africa, she received an unexpected surprise.

She gave birth to two foals instead of one.

In a YouTube video, she narrated the entire story from beginning to end. She says that she and two aides, Guy and William, went to the stable to check on her horse Treliver D’Aquitaine (called Daisy), who was seven days overdue.

Daisy soon gave birth to a colt named Don Quixote, and Jenni and her assistants adored him while waiting for him to learn to stand.

It was then that Jenni realized Daisy was expecting another child! Daisy went into labor contractions again, and Jenni felt a set of feet inside her.

The small foal was breeched first, with its legs emerging first, but everything worked out in the end, and the little baby was born wanting to stand as well.

“Duet” was the name given to the second tiny horse. Jenni says in her YouTube video that getting healthy twins is a “miracle” because the chances are so slim. Daisy, on the other hand, is now the proud mother of two foals, carrying on the Saratoga Stud horse farm’s history.