B.r.a.v.e Fishermen S.a.v.e Dying B.a.b.y Moose S.t.u.c.k On S.h.a.r.p Rocks

It was said that the mother moose was previously with the calf, but because she was able to swim, she was able to escape the lake and go.

It was unclear whether the mother fled to save herself or went to get help. Fortunately, some people were passing nearby on a boat and assisted in pulling the stuck newborn moose out of the water.

They managed to lift the moose from the rocks that were pretty far off from any land.

The moose appeared to be frightened, especially after it seemed to be very worn out from desperately holding onto the rocks.

When they got to land, the two men put the young moose down so they it could go and rejoin its family.

The newborn moose, though, was presumably still frightened and wished to remain with the two guys for a little while longer.

After one of the men placed the moose down, the newborn tried to follow him back into the water, assuming it felt safer with the men.

He was confident that once the young moose made it ashore, it would be reunited with its parents.

source: kingdomstv.com