Bear cub approached the fisherman and asked for fish: he did not eat it himself, but took it to his mother bear

The man was calmly fishing at the river when he felt movement nearby.

A bear cub approached him and gestured for a fish. The fisherman was surprised, but shared his prey.

The bear cub did not eat the fish right away, but carried it to the she-bear into the thicket of the forest.

This story took place in the north of Siberia.

A resident of one of the small local villages went straight to the middle of the shallow water and fished with fly-fishing. It was biting perfectly that day and in a few hours the man sent three trout and a weighty grayling into the bucket.

In excitement, the fisherman did not immediately see how the bear cub approached him.

And when he noticed, he realized that the animal was hungry. The man gave the baby a whole grayling, but he did not eat it. He nodded his head and carried the fish somewhere into the forest.

This happened three more times, and finally the fisherman became interested in where the bear cub was carrying the fish.

He followed him and in the nearest clearing he saw a bear lying quietly.

The big beast was clearly tired from the long march through the taiga and was gaining strength.

The bear calmly met the man. But the fisherman himself understood that two or three fish would not be enough for a large animal.

So he thought for a while, and then he took the entire catch to her and quietly left.

The next day, the she-bear with her cub left the clearing. It looks like the fish really helped her gain strength.