Beautiful Momma and Her Precious Babies ❤️Dog Adopts Three Orphaned Kittens After Lo.sing All Her Puppies!

Beautiful Momma and Her Precious Babies ❤️

This story with a sa.d beginning and a sweet ending is sure to melt your heart. A mother dog [] all of her puppies and she overcame her [gr.ief] by adopting three kittens.

An Australian Shepherd Mix, named Georgia, was discovered pregnant at a gas station near the US-Mexico border, Rocky Point. When Sunshine Dog Rescue found her, she was born prematurely. Tragedy struck when all her puppies did not survive. Anita Osa, the founder of Sunshine Dog Rescue, witnessed how the mother dog, Georgia, suffered in that situation.

She almost went crazy and [] her mind. At Rocky Point, no mother dog had ever [] a litter before, so Georgia was the first. She tries to find her puppies by ripping off the mattress on which she lay to give birth. She can’t seem to get over this [].

To help Georgia, Osa called for help on social media to find any orphaned animals. Then three kittens were selected, they also lacked a mother.

The concern comes when Osa doesn’t know if a dog will accept the kitten as her baby. Luckily, upset mother Georgia gave herself a chance. She surprised everyone by creating a strong bond between herself and the kittens.

Georgia is calmer and gentler than ever. She feeds the kittens her meager milk supply, cleaning and protecting them carefully. The cats didn’t know that Georgia was a dog, but Georgia adopted them as her own.

Georgia has now been healed of the wound in her soul thanks to these adorable kittens. She seems motivated and has the love to live on. Now that Georgia has babies to love, kittens have a mother to take care of. What a beautiful ending!

Awesome 👏 so happy for them 💕👏
Bless her heart adopting those kittens that was so sweet and loving Love to all and a Merry Christmas to you all🐕❣️🐈‍⬛🥰🎄♥️