Blind & deaf shelter dog thought no one would love him, until he met his family

Some people might have been scared off by the prospect of a special needs dog, but his foster mom pointed out that the Pittie was just like all other dogs.

“He likes to play with toys. He loves to go on walks,” said his foster mom – Cathy Overfield. “’He tries to play with dogs, and he really is just a very loving, snuggly boy.”

Randi Snarr knew from the moment she saw Petey that all he wanted to do was love people. “When people first meet Petey, they can’t help but fall in love with him,” said Randi.

But before Randi could feel confident about adopting Petey, she had to ensure the blind and deaf pup and her dog, Tucker, would get along. Fortunately – Randi and her partner had no reason to worry.

The second Tucker and Petey met, they tied themselves up in their own leashes to play with each other. “They were immediately best friends for life,” said Randi. “It went really well.”

Petey might not be able to see or hear, but what he lacks in senses, he more than makes up for in heart. “He has brought so much love and learning and excitement,” said Randi. “He was meant to be part of this family.”