Blind Dog Has His Own Guide Pup Who Helps Him Find His Way On Walks

As a ‘guide dog’ for his ailing pal Tao, a 10-year-old golden retriever who regrettably lost his sight to glaucoma last year, a lovely puppy named ‘Oko’ has stepped up.

Tao’s family decided to get him a furry pet to help him “see” the world because of the effects of his condition. When Tao was only eight weeks old, Oko first met him, and the two have since forged the most adorable friendship.

The endearing relationship has become famous all across the world. This adorable duo had such a huge online impact that Tao’s Instagram gained more than 13,200 followers in a short period of time.

Tao and Oko are shown taking walks and engaging in various activities in the various Instagram images they post, but Oko is always shown leading his pal.

It seems sense that people are fixated on the touching tale, as seen by the throngs of comments they leave when each new photo is posted.

Despite the veterinarian’s best attempts, Tao had to have his eyes removed. The poor guy had to undergo several operations, but following the procedures, he made remarkable and pleasing development.

When Tao was taken to the vet last year because he was in great agony, Mel was informed that he had an eye issue. Her doctor told her there that the adorable puppy had glaucoma and that it was necessary to operate on him and amputate one of his eyes.

His second eye had to be removed as well after spending 11 months in rehabilitation since the sickness had severely impacted him.