Brave kitty rescued his owner from a seriously poisonous snake, which creeped in the house and penetrated in his shopping bag

Once, a man, named Ricky Owens, returned from shopping and placed all the goods on the table for putting them in the refrigerator.

Then he rushed out outdoors, forgetting to shut the door.

When he came back again, he noticed that the golden kitty, named Gordon, was violently running around the table.

Meanwhile, he was hissing and scratching and again jumping back.

Rick didn’t guess what his adorable cat was doing, but again went out the house.

When he came in, this time the kitty was hissing right at the shopping bag.

Ricky took the grocery bag and a reptile was just in front of them. I was a tiger snake, one of the most poisonous snakes in Australia.

Its venom can affect a few minutes later and cause a person to death.

The reptile instantly creeped under the refrigerator, but Ricky danger his life to catch the snake.

He said, to the interviewers, that only an inch of the body was visible under the refrigerator, and that he could not distinguish its head from the tail.

Finally, Ricky managed to catch the tail, and tossed it from the house.

After this case happened, Ricky followed the steps and reactions of his golden kitty more carefully, and also kept the doors closed.