Brave Man Rescued After Jumping Into Hudson River To Save His Dog

Certainly, any dog lover will go above and beyond to protect his furry companion. Recently this caring man showed the world how far someone can go for the seek of his dog. The brave man put his life on the line, to save his little friend from drowning.

On Saturday, a rescue team at the the NYPD rushed to save a man from the Hudson River. It turned out the New Yorker jumped in to save his dog, after he accidentally fall in. Thankfully both the courageous owner and his unlucky dog have been taken to safety well and unharmed.

According to some witnesses, the 28-year-old guy have been seen jumping into the river at 43rd Street and 12th Avenue on Saturday afternoon. Though he managed to save his tiny dog from drowning, the man struggled to made it back on shore, so the firefighters have been alerted.

“Great work by #NYPD Harbor & ESU rescuing a male that jumped into the Hudson River to retrieve his dog that accidentally fell into the water,” the police wrote on Twitter. “The male was unable to return to land, responding personnel quickly removed both the man and his dog to safety.”

While many praised the man’s heroic gesture, the officers said the leash of the dog may have been too long and that would be the reason the dog had fallen in the river. According to the New York City law, a pet should be walked in public places with a leash no longer than six feet!