Bulldog and a rescue Fox become best friends and create a Real-Life The Fox and The Hound Relationship!

Animals can teach us so much about unconditional love ❤ 😍 💖

Animals don’t discriminate humans could learn alot from our beautiful fur babies 😀

You could have seen “The Fox and the Hound” and wondered what would have happened if this tale had actually occurred; to your surprise, Pauline Ashanola was the person to whom it did.

Pauline Ashanola had brought home the two-week-old fox she had saved and named Marley since she was unable to locate a shelter for it.

When poor Marley was discovered; she was covered in flies and ticks, and if Pauline hadn’t seen her, she would have perished in just 15 minutes.

Pauline is really passionate about helping animals, so even though she is unsure of how her dogs will respond to having siblings of a different species, she decided to take care of tiny Marley personally and nurture him back to health

Before that, she had a wonderful Pit Bull named Ernie. At first, Ernie is very afraid of Marley and she doesn’t like him too, then she gradually begins to sleep closer to him. As they spent more time together, the animals’ friendship grew stronger. Additionally, they go on walks together, play together all day, and sleep together each night.

Dogs are typically employed to hunt foxes, but these two are best buddies, says Pauline as she talks about her two favorite kids. It resembles The Fox and the Hound in real life. Although Ernie appears to be a tiny bruiser, he is actually a big baby and is so gentle and lovely with her.

Pauline even quit her ideal job as a dog groomer so she could devote more time to helping the orphans. She understands that this is more than just a job; it’s a mission, and she is overjoyed to save these precious lives!

That’s beautiful…! That’s the way your creator wanted it in the first place, total harmony with all Animals and the Human family.
They are so lovely together…! ❤ 😍 💖

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