“Care works wonders”.The story of dogs that turned from skeletons into beauties

These dogs were found by the police. The animals lived in an abandoned building, they were very exhausted and did not trust people. Time and care have completely changed them, turning them into real good people who enjoy every day.

A brown dog named Amy weighed about 20 kg on her first visit to the vet.

Both dogs were sick. It took time and a special diet to recover, but after that the dogs were able to eat well and began to gain weight.

Everything went well for Emmy after she recovered and gained strength, a new family was found for her. One of the employees of the veterinary clinic liked the kind girl, and she took her for herself.

Oscar is still living in the clinic, but he has already fully recovered, gaining weight and muscle mass that is consistent with his age. He is still waiting to be taken to a new family, I want to believe that he does not have long to wait.

There aren’t enough words to express gratitude to those people who love animals, help them recover and believe again that people can be kind and caring.