Dog Locked Away In A Room For Over A Year Showed His Teeth To Rescuers

People all over the world continue to neglect dogs as if they’re merely objects they no longer need, writes ilovemydogsomuch

A dog rescue was called upon for an abuse case in which a dog had been locked away in a room and forgotten about. The poor thing had spent a year-and-a-half in there and had become very aggressive trapped by his lonesome.

As rescuers approached, the dog barked and snarled at them through some wooden planks over one of the windows. How would a dog treated in this manner not be aggressive and on the offensive? He had no human interaction since someone cruelly left him to fend for himself with nothing.

Much to their dismay, the dog was even tethered on a chain inside of this room. The team got him out of there to see sunshine for the first time in years. With the dog still acting out, they had no choice but to secure him with a net for safe and secure transfer.

After just a couple of days back at the rescue, Thunder has blossomed into quite the happy and loving boy! The dog knows these people are here to help, and he’s so content while awaiting that forever home.