Dog Was So Abused That She Loudly Shrieks In Fear When Rescuer Tries To Touch Her

Animal rescuer Monica Mitreanu from Romania has been rescuing dogs for a long time. However, she was left appalled during one of her latest rescues involving a dog named Priscilla, writes ilovemydogsomuch

Monica had found Priscilla in an extremely abusive situation where the dog was tortured and repeatedly beaten ever since she was a puppy.

When Priscilla was brought to the shelter in Breasta-Craiova, it turned out to be another traumatizing experience for her. The poor dog’s heart raced in fear at the sight of humans, and she immediately ran to a corner to hide herself. Monica was heartbroken when she realized that fear had become Priscilla’s instinctive response to humans.

In this video, we see Monica cautiously approaching Priscilla in an attempt to calm her down. But the frightened pooch gets further aggravated when Monica touches her. We can see the pain and hopelessness in her eyes as she screams and shouts in desperation and begs Monica to “spare her”.

But Monica is determined to help Priscilla overcome her fear. The dog gradually recognizes her rescuer’s sincere and loving touch and breaks down and cries in her arms. This video gutted our souls. No person has the right to abuse innocent animals and get away with it. Let’s take a stand and let her abuser know that they will pay for their crimes!

Click the video below to watch how Monica helped Priscilla deal with her abusive past. Please keep your volumes low at the start of this video as it contains very loud shrieking from the dog.