Every Day This Dog Comes To School To Get Hugs And Waits To Be Petted

Meet the dog who is addicted to attention, and goes to just the right place to get it – a local school.

Sean Conway is a local resident in County Cavan, Ireland. He posted a photo of the doggie earlier this week when he was visiting the school his sister goes to. “I noticed that the dog was waiting at the wall

outside, and some kids were coming over to pet him,” Conway told The Dodo. “He waited patiently and was there for about 10 minutes before he left.” Apparently, he does that every day.

“It’s a regular thing and the kids were used to it,” Conway added. Although the owner of the attention-seeking canine is unknown, one thing is for sure – the doggie’s visits bring joy to both him and the kids. Maybe having a visiting friendly doggo should become every school’s policy? What do you say?