Everyone thought she was so grieving for her master. Until they saw what she was hiding under her …

When this photo of the dog sitting on the owner’s grave appeared on the Internet, everyone who saw it was saddened.

People from all over the world began to be interested in the history of the dog. There were many cases when dogs refused to leave the owner’s grave. Or faithfully waited at the place where they last saw him, writes positive-info

But it turned out to be a different story. This dog dug a hole in the grave for a very different reason.

It’s also a story about love and selflessness.
Cemetery staff noticed that the dog had dug a hole in the ground on the grave and did not leave it all day. Apparently, she had nowhere to go. And one more thing -there were puppies near the dog. The fear she felt for the puppies probably got worse when she felt the increased attention of people. But luckily, she had no reason to be afraid.

In the small hole, the brave mother managed to save all four puppies. But the hole was really very small, and it made their lives more difficult. Fortunately, the help arrived just in time. Local animal lovers decided to help the puppies and their selfless mother. They tried to lure the mother dog out of the hole by offering her food.

The mother dog hesitated for a long time, but kind people were patient. And she took the bait. First slowly and then faster, the hungry dog ate all the food. Her mood improved as soon as she ate well. Dogs can be very aggressive and defend themselves with all their might if they consider their puppies in danger. So it was important for her to understand that her babies would not be harmed. In this situation, body language was a key factor.

One by one, rescuers carefully pulled the cute chubby from the hole in the grave, which was their «home.» Then the whole dog family was taken to the vet to check on her health.

They fell asleep on the cot, knowing that they had friends to help and take care of them.

The puppies are much better now because their mother rested and felt safe. The lack of food greatly impacted the mother dog’s ability to produce milk. But after the rest and good feeding of the mother, the puppies finally got what they needed all this time — as much milk as they wanted.

If dogs could smile …
Finally, the veterinarians were able to thoroughly examine the entire family. After the veterinarians officially declared that they were all quite healthy, the dogs were ready to return to normal life. This was the first time they felt such care.

For the first time, the mother dog seems happy. Of course, it took her a while to be able to trust people. But now she no longer had to worry so much about her puppies. After all, parents, whoever they are, want only one thing — to ensure a good future for their children.

And thanks to the kind people, this dog family now has it. Thanks to them!

Source: positive-info.com