Foal is born with a distinct marking in the shape of a horse

A very remarkable foal was born five years ago. Owner Wendy Bulmer was pleasantly surprised by his appearance. She was unaware that the mare she bought was pregnant, and when the baby arrived, he had the most unique markings she

had ever seen. DaVinci, or Vinny for short, has a startlingly realistic silhouette of a horse that extends up from his left shoulder, along his back, and into his mane, in addition to a lovely white heart by his bottom!

At the Fyling Hall School in the UK, adjacent to Robin Hood’s Bay, DaVinci was born. The stunning campus, complete with sculpted topiaries, rolling hills, ivy-covered walls, and pastures where ponies graze, looks like it belongs in a Harry Potter

book. Even the burgundy school robes and Georgian stone manor residence fit in perfectly at Hogwarts!When Vinny was born, Bulmer “wasn’t very happy” to have another mouth to feed, but the adorable foal soon won her over.

Vinny’s images went viral after the Whitby Gazette’s simple article, which helped him gain international fame. The unique young colt and his amazing markings simply garner attention from the public!

Vinny’s 15 minutes of super stardom have long since passed, but the Fyling Hall School students and faculty still adore him. He has lovely pastures, kind people, and plenty to feed, which is all any horse really wants, regardless of their fame!