German shepherd watches over and protects little girl

Kids and pets are an adorable combination but always warrant some caution and adult supervision.

Loki the German Shepherd has been a protector and friend to his human sister Tallulah since the moment she was born.

He’s been around to watch her play and give her big, sloppy kisses (which she returns in kind!).

According to dad, Ryan, Loki wasn’t always so low-key.

In fact, it looks like he lived up to his mischievous moniker!

But when the little girl was born he immediately fell into the role of responsible role model. And if you’ve ever had a German Shepherd you know they can be very head-strong, so this family got lucky!

The family sometimes refers to Tallulah as Loki’s “pet human.”

For her part, Tallulah has always been fascinated by the German Shepherd.

“Tallulah has no fear. She was very intrigued at Loki,” shared Ryan.

And Ryan is just relieved that it all worked out. Loki isn’t a fan of authority. He knows all too well when someone is trying to discipline him, he just doesn’t care. But his sister has mellowed him.

Loki always knows where Tallulah is and is usually right by her side. He’s perfectly happy to stare at her for hours as well! These two are constant companions.