H e r e’ s looking at YOU! A d o r a b l e moment a grizzly bear meets boy in a bear suit

When most people go to the zoo they typically don’t get to stare down the nose of a bear. But when most people go to the zoo they typically aren’t dressed like a Bear.

For a lucky boy at the Minnesota Zoo, his choice of wardrobe paid off – while dressed as a bear, an actual bear paid him an up-close-and-personal visit.

Spitting image: A courageous boy gets an up-close look at a familiar friend at the Minnesota Zoo

Grizzly bears can weigh up to 1,300 pounds and can grow to be 10 feet tall. They have razor-sharp claws and could easily κιʟʟ a human being.

In 2009, bears at the Minnesota Zoo’s grizzly exhibit destroyed 500 pounds of pumpkins in less than 10 minutes.

‘Nice threads’: a grizzly bear at the Minnesota Zoo checks out a boy in a bear suit

But the boy shows no fear as the giant bear emerges from his aquatic habitat to poke his head above water and get a glimpse of the familiar sight.

Luckily, Kelly Lillibridge, a therapeutic foster care coordinator, snapped a photo of the boy and the bear on her cell phone so it could be shared with the world – let’s just hope the tigers don’t get jealous.

No fear: neither the small boy, or the giant Grizzly Bear, seem to find this situation even the slightest bit alarming

Source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2331459/Heres-looking-YOU-adorable-moment-polar-bear-gets-glimpse-boy-bear-suit.html