Homeowners Gets Shock Of Their Life When Two Battling Snakes Crash Through Bedroom Ceiling

It was a snake catcher to the rescue after a family got the fright of their life when a pair of wrestling male snakes fell from the ceiling into a bedroom of a home in Brisbane, Australia.

Lana Field from Snake Catchers Brisbane captured video of two coastal carpet pythons attacking each other inside a family’s spare bedroom.

“This pair has been a bit naughty,” she said in a Facebook Live from the scene. “They have pushed their way through from the ceiling and left a bit of a mess.”

The male snakes fell from a ceiling duct inside the home. It’s mating season for the snakes, so the two males were fighting it out over a lady snake. Field explained that males tracking the scent of a female python will often fight it out to prove who is stronger, and more deserving of the mate.

“They can continue like this for hours until one is exhausted,” Field said.

While filming, Field assured viewers that she was watching at a safe distance and the snakes were more interested in each other than her. She later relocated the snakes to a safer location outside.

Watch her video below.

Her video is going viral, freaking out many people all over the world. But Australian newscasters are taking it all in stride, joking about the numerous battling snakes being spotted in the past few days.

The Australian broadcasters joked if the pair of male snakes in Field’s video were the same ones seen in another video battling it out in a woman’s attic.

Max Jackson, a snake catcher on the Sunshine Coast also shared a video after he “got called to a woman’s house who was hearing sliding and banging last night. Sure enough when I jumped into the roof cavity I found two male Carpet Pythons (each about 2-2.5m) combating! This is typical behavior during the breeding season, but not always seen. I ended up relocating both snakes out of her roof to some nearby habitat where they could continue the battle.”

Let’s hope it isn’t the same pair, or maybe we should hope it is, as it seems that Australian homes are being overrun by snakes fighting for mates. Which begs the question – where are the females they were fighting over?

And just in case you haven’t seen enough snakes, yet another Australian spotted a wrestling pair right outside their window.