Injured Baby Deer Keeps Visiting Her Rescuer Man Even After Renuniting With Her Family

We may have heard about many stories of the special bond between humans and animals. Some can brighten your day, some can even make you cry.

Darius Sasnauskas lives near Yellowstone National Park.

One day, in the morning, Darius witnessed a rare scene in his life, a mother deer

gave birth to two baby deer right in his backyard. Unfortunately, one of the baby deer had an

injured leg, she couldn’t stand walk normally and was left behind. Knowing this is not a safe

place for the fawn to stay, Darius decided to take her home to treat her wounds until it heals and

then release her back to the wild. As a wildlife lover, Darius is not in favor of treating wild

animals as pets, but this is a special case, he must save the fawn’s life.

Things seem to be going pretty well for Darius as he already has experience taking care of his dogs. He tried to take care of the fawn as well as

possible. He treated her injured leg and fed her every 3-4 hours. Luckily, the baby deer, after being cared for by the kind-hearted man,

recovered very quickly. She is now able to walk normally and has a special affection for Darius and his two dogs.

When the baby deer is fully recovered, Darius decided to return her to her mother. He put the fawn into a box and brought her to a large grass

to find her family. It took a long time for Darius to direct the fawn’s attention to her mother.

It seems that the time Darius took care of the fawn formed a special bond between them. The fawn refused to go back to the wild when Darius

left her alone in the grass. She kept following him. Darius would miss his little friend, but he

was determined to help the baby deer reunite with her family. It was the only way for her to survive in the wild.