Just goes to show it all come down to just needing and wanting love. ❤️

Just goes to show it all come down to just needing and wanting love. ❤️

Everyone’s heart melts when they see the adorable picture of a baby kangaroo with his teddy bear!

This adorable orphaned kangaroo lives in New South Wales, where he was a.ban.doned by his mother. Fortunately, Tim Beshara and his mother Gillian have been caring for Doodlebug since then!

It is possible that this kangaroo fell out of his mother’s pouch or that his mother di.ed. Gillian brought the kangaroo back to her company when it was only a few months old.

Gillian noticed that orphaned kangaroos reacted to toys in the same way that a toddler would. They treat it as if it were a companion!

One thing is certain: Doodlebug adores this special friend so much that he never takes his hands off it and hugs it affectionately!
Gillian captured this adorable moment!

The baby kangaroo has recovered completely from his ordeal when he was adopted and is now free in the wild. As the photo shows, he’s now hopping around in the woods, occasionally returning to feed or cuddle. And, of course, he always carries his teddy bear with him!

It’s wonderful that the little kangaroo has his little love.
God bless you for saving this sweet kangaroo! 🙏❤️💕😍

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