Kitten Born With Strabismus Found Suffering From Malnourished Now Lives Loving Home

There is no doubt that having a pet will make life more fun and joyful no matter what they are.

This story speaks about a kitten that went viral online because it has a special situation.

Her 27-year-old Michelle Traynor said that Olive is so special as she has a physical characteristic called strabismus.

Many people fall in love with Olive’s beautiful smile as she has thousands of followers on Instagram. Olive was very sick when she was found, according to Michelle, who works in communications.

Michelle added that Olive sees well despite the condition of his eyes.

But her jaw is not fully developed which caused her bite to be a little excessive.

Olive’s owner said that she is so sweet and friendly with people as she tries to fall in love with anyone she meets. How adorable!

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