Look how the sweet Retriever Max responded, when his owner asked him to give his pacifier

Just one of the funniest moments is when adults try to behave like children so that they often get what they want.

It becomes especially fun when it comes to big dogs. This happy-looking retriever you see on your screens is Max, let’s get acquainted with his funny story.

Here is what happened. The dog with this wonderful snout has seen a new toy and he is so excited that there seems to be nothing more perfect for him in this world.

Attention, it is a pacifier. The pacifier goes straight into his mouth. And he will stay there until he has something to say.

The dog’s mother is a very kind mother, and she is definitely concerned about safety, so the mother tries to force him to give up the pacifier and take it out of his mouth. No matter how hard she tries, he still does not give up.

But the owner of that pacifier abruptly refuses. Taking a resolute look, the dog slowly removes her hand with his big paw. It’s so much fun.

He removes her hand with his paw every time, as if saying: “I found it, it’s mine. Buy another for yourself.”

We hope, the owners will be able to replace the pacifier with a more comfortable and safe dog toy that will make a big furry baby happy too.

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