Mama Horse Gets Badly Entangled & Falls, Foal Panics As He Sees Tide Approaching

The Loughor Estuary in Gower, South Wales, is a picturesque marshland that’s inhabited by many animals. When one mare and her foal were roaming around the uneven terrain in the marshland, and unfortunate accident caused the pair to panic, writes ilovemydogsomuch

The mare had accidentally got her back hoof entangled in her matted mane. She tried to wiggle her hoof out, but it got further twisted in the mane and the poor mare ended up falling to the ground. She tried her best to pick herself up, but her contorted limbs prevented her from doing so.

The young foal saw the distressed situation of his mama and freaked out. The little one had no idea how to help his mama, so he kept crying for help. On top of that, the area was soon to be inundated by a high tide. This was an incredibly sticky situation for the mare and her foal.

We see the RSPCA officers arriving at the spot to evacuate the animals in the tide-affected area. But when they discover the mare’s ordeal, they immediately spring into action. One of the officers untangles the hoof from the mane, but the mare still refuses to stand up.

It is then that the officers realize that the mare had been struggling for hours. Her limbs had weakened from being stuck in the weird position, and she was waiting for her circulation to be back to normal.