Man gives CPR to a drowned puppy miraculously escapes death

Tiny animals are especially vulnerable. If they are taken away from their mothers, the world seems very scary. When a man saw a small puppy floating down a river, he knew he had to do something quickly. His little body already looked like it wasn’t alive.

The man grabbed him and then rubbed his chest to try to wake him up. He could see that the puppy was still alive, but he was having trouble breathing. The puppy would definitely die if nothing was done to save it.

But what happened next was unbelievable! He runs back inside and asks for a plastic bottle of water. His wife cuts the bottom off of it so he can use it as a funnel to give the puppy more air. Just like an oxygen mask.

The man puts the funnel on the puppy’s face and starts blowing! With each breath, more and more air gets into his tiny body. Finally, the puppy responds by taking deeper breaths. He gets up and walks.

Oh my! It’s working! The small, lifeless puppy changes right in front of the hero’s eyes.

The video footage is truly amazing. We’ll never know how the puppy got into the river, but we do know that there are heroes among us who won’t give up trying to save a life. Regardless of how small!

Thank you, kind heros, THANK YOU!