Man Is Moved To Tears During Unforgettable Visit From A Gentle Horse

Animals are so pure and their actions sometimes are just heart-melting to watch. Like this video posted on Instagram that shows a therapy horse resting its head on a patient’s chest.

The video was posted on the Instagram page, GoodNews Movement, 16 hours ago. It has accumulated more than 2.8 million views so far. The video, which is from Brazil, shows the horse placing its head on a patient’s chest. The man was moved to tears by the horse’s gesture.

Paçoca is a therapy horse who works with volunteers from the nonprofit Coletivo Inclusão — a group whose mission is to make outreach to people with special needs. And what a difference it can make.

Touching moment Paçoca came to pay a visit to her father. Sensing, it would seem, the type of interaction João needed most, Paçoca gently nestled against his chest in a quiet exchange of comfort and love.

“Patient is moved to tears when this therapy horse named Paçoca calmly rests its head on the patient’s chest. The equine therapy center in Brazil stated that they had never seen any of their horses act like this with their patients,” stated the caption of the video.

João’s daughter seems to agree, writing of Paçoca’s visit: “It was an inexplicable moment.”

Clearly, this is a visit that Joao won’t soon forget. And, with any luck, it does more than just retain a memory.

Today, more and more medical professionals are recognizing the therapeutic benefits of treating animals to the health and well-being of their patients.