Meet Galiath, a very unique cow, who being raised with 3 dogs, considers himself a dog too

So learning about that, Shaylee Hubs decided to buy the animal and keep it on her ranch.

The little calf needed proper care and nutrition. Together with the local veterinarian, they took care of him.

The calf befriended his new master’s dogs there. He even started to consider them his brothers. It seemed to him that he was a dog too.

He slept with them and behaved like a dog. He especially built a special relationship with a dog named Leonidas.

The dog cared for the calf as if it were its own pup. He lay next to her for hours. The calf was named Goliath.

He was then placed in a little playhouse in their backyard.

He became jealous and looked at the dogs that were kept at home cause he wanted to live with them inside their house too.

One day Shailey accidentally left the front door open, and when she returned, she saw a very funny scene.

Seeing his brothers sitting on the couch, the calf decided that he too could sit like a dog. And imagine that: he ‘occupied’ the whole sofa.

Seeing this scene, Shailey could not help laughing, but decided not to interrupt them. From that day on, he always slept on the couch with his brothers.

The owners love him very much and try to treat all that with humor. He lives such a happy life here.

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