Meet the world’s unique and super adorable brown panda, who lives his playful life in Foping Panda Valley

Pandas are awesome and lovely creatures. They are kids in character. And, actually this is true even when they get grown-up.

These active, joyful, huge babies can make people smile, who are surrounding them. Their cuteness makes them so sweet and adorable.

Meet Qizai, whose name means the 7th son, is the world’s unique panda due to his special fur.

He is the one and only brown-furred creature on Earth.

His mom and the dad are of two classical colors.

Scientists suppose to think, that his special coloring is a cause of a genetic mutation.

When this cuteness was 2 months old, he was refused by his cluster, and other pandas pressed him for his difference.

Once, he was found in worse condition in a nature reserve, located in Qingling Mountains, central China.

Then, he was so weak and stressed, being rejected by his fellow tribes.

Luckily, now he is getting more and more strong, healthy and playful.

Qizai is already nine, and he currently enjoys his days in the Foping Panda Valley.

A personal worker looks after him to make sure Qizai’s bally is full and happy.

This brown cuteness has 220 pounds weigh, who daily eats over 44 pounds of bamboo.

Though he is slower, than his other fellow tribes, it doesn’t stop him to be the cutest and sweetest panda.