Meet Wiley, The Cutest Ever Dalmatian Dog With A Heart On His Nose (25 Pics)

Wiley the Dalmatian wears his heart on his sleeve, or maybe its more like his nose!

The nearly two-year-old puppy has become internet famous for his unique heart-shaped spot right in the middle of his face.

He has gained over 180k followers on Instagram and people just cant get enough!

Below we gathered our favourite 25 pictures of him for you to enjoy.

His human momma, Lexi Smith, describes Wiley as “goofy, clumsy, sassy, hungry, cuddly, curious, wild, crazy, silly, happy love.”

As she said, “No amount of pictures on could ever fully capture all that he is and all that he means to me, he’s my best friend.”

Fortunately for Wiley, the pair lives in an area where the pup can release some of that energy.

Take a look at our favorite 25 pics of the adorable Wiley:

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Please share this post with your friends!