Neglected horse could barely breathe when rescued – now she’s winning awards

When the volunteers from the: British Horse Society came upon this heartbreaking sight – they couldn’t hold their tears. Next to a building site in East Durham, England, a horse was sitting in the mud, just like she would have been gone. That’s what the rescue team initially thought!

The poor horse, named Heidi was in a terrible condition. She could barely breathe, let alone to stand on her feet. However, the British Horse Society volunteers knew they had to give her a chance. So they carefully took the starving pony to shelter and tried to help her

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“The volunteer was horrified at what she first thought was a dead horse amongst the mud and rubbish,” the rescue wrote on Facebook. “Moments later however, the horse was seen to be breathing and the shocked volunteer quickly made a call for assistance.”

Once rescued, everyone knew it would be a nearly impossible mission to put Heidi back on her feet. But the lovely horse proved she’s a surviver and despite she had been through unimaginable things, she made an incredible recovery. Even it took over five weeks until she was able to stand on her feet alone, no one would recognize her now, nearly a year apart.

“The early days were touch and go, as we dealt with her serious weakness and such a low blood protein level that a plasma transfusion was required,” Wendy Suddes from the charity Here4Horses explained for BORED PANDA. “It took months and months to get Heidi well enough to run free in our pastures.”

Now, after months of medical care and a long way to recover – Heidi a totally different animal. She regained her weigh and her hair grew back. She has such a wonderful mane and she looks so happy. But most important, she’s now fine and healthy and more…she’s now a rosette-winning horse.

Watch Heidi’s incredible transformation, here!