Ohmygosh We love him…! More judges need to be like him! 💙💜❤Ohio judge tired of animal a.busers, decides to give them a taste of their own me.dicine

What a great judge! Wish there were more like him! A caring man or animal s who are a.bu.sed and pun.ishing those who are the reason!

Judge Cicconeti’s advocacy for animal rights is rooted from his love for animals. He fell in love with animals when he got his first dog, a Dachshund mix named Herman. From there, his love for animals grew.
Now, he has a ten year old Bernese mountain dog named Kasey.

As an upstanding member of the legal profession, judge Cicconeti doesn’t give out [dan.ger.ous or unla.wful pun.ishments]. But he isn’t beyond giving offen.ders a little [dis.comfort and embar.rass.ment either].

This one case where one woman a.band.oned 35 kittens in the woods. To help the offen.der realize the [gr.avity] of her actions, the judge sen.tenced her to spend a night in the woods by herself. During the hearing, he told her How would you like to be dumped off at a metro park late at night, spend the night listening to the coyotes … listening to the raccoons around you in the dark night, and sit out there in the cold not knowing where you’re going to get your next meal, not knowing when you are going to be rescued?

Another case, a woman was found [gu.ilty] after her dog was found living in to.tal fi.lth. Judge Cicconeti let her have a taste of her own me.dicine, sen.tencing her to spend a day at a [fi.lthy], [sm.elly] local dump…

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Last year, a law that makes the a.bu.se to an animal companion a [fe.lony], went into effect. This law, called the Goddard’s law, was a huge step for animal rights advocates.
Other than [puni.shing offe.nders], Judge Cicconeti hopes that his headline-worthy sentences spread awareness about the cr.ime of animal a.bu.se and its [cons.equen.ces].

We may not have the influence and power of Judge Cicconeti, but we can still make an impact for our furry friends’ rights in small ways. If we want to advocate for our beloved companions, we can start with spreading awareness and reporting abusers within our very own neighborhood.

Nothing will compare to the the a.bu.se people can put on animals but even a taste of it is worth the effort. Continue fig.hting for those who can’t protect themselves. We don’t deserve all the love a animal can give us.
Thank you for caring and helping all the precious inn.ocent animals. ❤️❤️ Laws should be enforced and str.icter with [sev.ere pun.ishment].

Finally, We wish all judges would stand up for helpless animals, the a.bu.sers should be pun.ished, our laws need to get str.icter 🐾🐾

Please can we have more judges and law enforcement enforce more laws ag.ainst animals.

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