Owlets Hatch In A Man’s Window Nest, And They Now Watch TV Alongside Him

The Eurasian Eagle Owl – which is the biggest owl in Europe, is one of Jos Baart’s new neighbors.

He thought the noise outside his window was pigeons at first, but it was actually much larger birds. After they hatched, they started watching TV with him through

Baart resides in an apartment on the third floor. His closest neighbors are pigeons.

He doesn’t like it when birds construct nests close to his windows because of the noise. The father assumed that another pigeon family had lately moved in after hearing noises outside the window start up again.

When he eventually went to check on the nest, he found that the newcomers were actually a family of owls who had moved into his window flowerbox instead of pigeons at all.

Eurasian Eagle Owls were recognized as the type of owls. One of the most varied breeds of birds in the world is the owl. Baart kept an eye on the owlets as they quickly matured, and one day he saw them looking back at him through his window.

The fuzzy birds became bigger and lined up along the windowsill as Baart turned on his TV.

Every program the owner of the apartment seems to watch has the owlets captivated. Images and videos of the owls staring into the apartment reveal their curiosity with the colorful images on the TV. Baart enjoys watching the owlets just as much and spends a lot of time with them.

Since Eurasian Eagle Owls are rarely observed in populated areas, Baart feels himself extremely fortunate to have had this special chance.

Up until they are ready to take off on their own, the owlets will remain in the nest for about five months. Only time will tell if the cute animals come back to watch their favorite programs with their human friend sometimes.

Source: vnews4.com

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