People adopted a tiny kitten from a shelter, but he became the size of a dog and does not stop growing

Julia and her family took an ordinary-looking white kitten home.

But the pet began to grow non-stop. So the woman involuntarily had to pay attention to some oddities in his development – the kitten was too large after a couple of months.

Finally, Julia went into the kitchen and immediately realized the extent of the problem: the cat stood on his hind legs and was clearly larger than a dog.

Photos of Julia’s pet quickly spread online, and a number of media outlets took a comment from the woman about her unusual cat.

Julia said that she once took him from a shelter, and the kitten was very small, thin and lanky.

But the situation changed quickly.

In the house of loving owners, the kitten began to quickly gain weight and grow. As a result, it turned out to be a purebred Maine Coon, and clearly one of the largest representatives of the breed.

Guests often mistake the pet for a dog, and this is not surprising.

The cat grew gradually, so Julia did not immediately pay attention to his size.

A situation helped her to objectively look at the sizes of the pet: the woman went into the kitchen and saw how the cat stood on his hind legs and turned out to be taller than the child.

Despite the size, the pet has a calm character. However, neighboring dogs do try to bypass him.