Rare Two-Headed Snake Revealed In South Africa!

In his life as a snake hu.n.ter, Nick Evans was sh.o.c.ked when he first witnessed a two-headed snake.

A farm in South Africa called the herpetologist Nick because they were so confused by the strange snake they found in the garden. Anyone will be sh.o.c.ked to meet this rare snake.

This snake known as Dasypeltis inornata is rare because it is nearly impossible to find. During his years of research and encounters with snakes, Nick never thought he would encounter a two-headed snake. It is a southern brown egg-eater, with a strange and terrifying appearance.

Contrary to their ugly appearance, these snakes do not in.ju.re or at.ta.ck people. They are very gentle and never actively approach humans. As far as Evans is concerned, they’re not even po.ison.ous. However, what makes this snake even rarer is that they survive completely in the wild, not in cap.tiv.ity like two-headed snakes due to polycephaly.

Nick insists this animal is not sc.a.ry because it is often afr.aid of people and rarely at.ta.cks other animals. Nick’s photo of the snake shows it to be 30 cm long. He feels very fortunate to have witnessed the interesting way this snake moves by resting its heads on top of each other.

Two-headed snakes are difficult to survive for long in the wild because they move very slowly, are easily hu.nt.ed by other animals, and because of their two stomachs. Currently, the snake is safe and specially raised by Nick.

Actually there are lots of two headed snakes with two feet dwelling among us…!
Probably conjoined twins… How lucky for South Africa. 🐍🐍

Watch the precious video below: