Rescuers were shocked to learn that the vets were to blame after believing that the Great Dane had been neglected by her family.

AdoptADane Rescue Qld was contacted about Darla the Great Dane, who was suffering from a terrible skin problem.

She had very little fur left on her body, and she was also suffering from a great deal of depression and a great deal of discomfort. It was quite clear to the people who came to Darla’s rescue that she most certainly had mange

They were all under the impression that it was a case of carelessness; nevertheless, the reality was far more concerning.

The family had brought Darla to a veterinarian and even sought second views; however, the veterinarians in their region were not particularly skilled, and none of them had ever identified mange. Instead, after seeing her health deteriorate over a period of six months, the veterinarians suggested that she be put to sleep.

The family didn’t want her to continue to suffer, but they also didn’t want to put her to death since they didn’t want to lose her forever. They were fortunate enough to discover AdoptADane Rescue Qld and to request that the rescue organization take her up.

They handed her over to the rescue organization with the request that they save her since they felt responsible and sorry for her situation.

The folks that were rescued were quoted as saying, “They were truly decent people; they simply didn’t realize what they were dealing with.”

The rescue operation required a lot of effort, but it was successful in restoring Darla’s health. The dog that had been ill for three quarters of a year made a full recovery in only two. Her saviors found a warm and welcoming house for her to call her own permanently.

The story of Darla should serve as a warning to readers that even medical professionals may make mistakes.

Darla was fortunate enough to have a family that was able to locate her assistance in the end, despite the fact that this did not come without a price.

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