Sad Dog Is Saying Goodbye To His Best Friends That Recently Passed Away

A lovely dog named Gaspar recently passed away. This was such a bad news for Gaspar’s family.

“Thank you for all the times we had together … You will always be with us,” Marcelo Rodríguez, Gaspar’s owner has written.

Gaspar had a very happy life. He spent beautiful days with Rodriguez and Kaya as well, a dog that lives with Rodriguez’s mom.

Gaspar and Kaya used to be best friends. They were inseparable.“

We would get them together on weekends to spend time together,” Rodríguez told The Dodo. “That’s where their friendship began.”

Gaspar and Kaya’s friendship was so real and beautiful.

Now people in Internet are in tears because Kaya lost her old friend. Kaya said goodbye to Gaspar while his body was laid to rest in Rodríguez’s backyard.

Kaya has lost her best friend but Gaspar’s spirit will always live in Kaya’s mind and heart.