“She was running towards me with the squeal of brakes” The cute dog knew where the salad was waiting for her and … the one who dreamed about her.

It all started with the fact that two employees from St. Petersburg were driving in a car to work. It was still dark and hard to see, but the girls saw one thing clearly — a small furry creature was rushing towards them.

“Brakes squeak, screams, eyes closed, panic…” says the heroine of this story. — Only there was no squeak .We jump out of the car, I thought everything.We killed. But when we got out, the puppy was gone. We looked under the car and the most beautiful eyes were looking at me, and most importantly, there was no fear in those eyes.

The girls began to think how to get a small creature and lure him into the car. One of them remembered she carried in her bag the container of meat salad . The salad went into motion.

Upon arrival at work, the puppy, similar to a German shepherd, was handed over to the guards and asked to be kept until the evening. They reluctantly agreed, and the dog’s rescuer ran to the store to buy the necessary equipment — a leash for walking, a bowl and food. She ran and almost cried herself.

After all, only a week ago she begged her husband to take a shepherd into the house. Without a pet, she was very lonely, but her husband was categorical. there is nothing for a large beast to do in a rented apartment! That’s enough of the cats. And now the question arose again — where to put the found? Who needs a girl from the road, who will those big brown eyes look at with hope and love?

The woman began to call all her friends and employees, but, of course, no one needed a puppy. By the end of the day, there was only one thing left to call her husband and again beg him for at least a temporary overexposure. And hooray! In the end, he agreed to tolerate the dog while his wife advertises and looks for a “sheepdog” of a permanent owner.

The baby was bathed, fed and named Alexa. The veterinarian found almost no flaw in her — a healthy young creature was ready to live, play, love and be loved.

The days went on and no one called. In the meantime, Alexa’s owner has firmly become attached to her pet, and she is not alone — her husband also became attached to a funny puppy.

Many days have passed since then, and no one is thinking of giving it to Alex. Of course, she was not a purebred German Shepherd, but just a similar mestizo that someone had abandoned in the city dump near the road. But it does not change anything. They love the dog very much and can’t imagine their morning without its furry muzzle.

By the way, the girl has a small problem with her eyes, they periodically flow, but the owners are working on this.

The cat Asya, that already lived in the apartment, didn’t immediately understand what was happening. What is this unkempt black-and-red comet running around the rooms?

Asya herself is a born intellectual of eleven years old, so she still doesn’t recognize some of Alexa’s habits. They live like a cat with a dog and that says it all.

However, sometimes, under the influence of solar storms and magnetic currents, these two are attracted to each other and sleep peacefully side by side.

Here is such a story: simple, sudden and vital. After all dream on, who knows, maybe your dream is already coming towards you, wearing all the obstacles in its path?