Shelter Puppy Dressed In A Tuxedo Is So Excited To Meet His New Family – They Never Show Up

Despite he’s only three-month-old, Vincent’s life so far was nothing but tough. The sweet puppy was abandoned shortly after he was born.

He eventually ended up in a shelter, after volunteers at the Rescátame Foundation rescued him and his brothers. “We rescued Vicente, his siblings, and his mom in Zipaquirá, a town near Bogotá,” Diana, one of the volunteers told BORED PANDA.

But even he never experienced how is it to be loved, the cute little Vincent got immediately attached by the people he met. Given his friendly nature and his adorable looking, it took only a few days until someone showed interest in adopting him.

Of course, everyone at the shelter was so glad this pure little soul will finally have a forever home. Since the first impression always matters, they thought to properly dress him for such an important event. They dressed him up in a tiny tuxedo, made specially for him.

Unfortunately for Vincent, the so waited family decided not to show up. Sadly, they cancel the adoption in the last moment.

“They supposedly would pick up Vicente for adoption on the 9th to take him home,” Diana said. ” So we gave him a bath and prepared him. But they never arrived. They eventually called to cancel the adoption.”

But no one knows better than a volunteer at a shelter, that you should never give up, so they tried to find another home for the cute little puppy.

And since Vincent was already dressed up so cute, they took some lovely snaps of him and share them on Facebook. Only this time, the post immediately went viral and so many people showed their intention in adopting him.

Vincent eventually got adopted by a lovely family and he’s now more than happy in his new home. “We never thought that your story would get that far,” the shelter wrote. “We want to tell you that Vicente has already been adopted by a beautiful family.”