Sick Baby Leopard Adopted And Raised Up By Lioness Mom As One Of Her Cubs

It is known that leopards and lions didn’t get along, but this story shows us that Mother Nature always has miracles.

A sick leopard cub got adopted by a young lioness, that took care of him along with her 2 babies in the Gir National Park, in Gujarat, India, writes thepetneeds

However, what is known is that leopards and lions are competitors, but this lioness proved that females always have big hearts, no matter what they are.

Apostdoctoral researcher at the University of Minnesota called Stotra Chakrabarti and his team watched the rare adoption, and watched the how the lioness would treat the leopard.

In about 1.5 months, they found that she did not differentiate between him and her babies! Sadly, the cute leopard was found dead after just 2 months of being adopted!

Watch the video below.