Sickly Puppy Uses Everything She Has, Sits Up And Tells Mom That It Would Be All Right

Street life is brutal enough. Homeless animals suffer from hunger, lack of shelter and clean water, and danger from oncoming traffic as they cross busy roads in search of food. It is exhausting and cruel.

There are countless street animals in many parts of the world. It is not possible to take them all in, but many organizations like Animal Aid are doing their best to help as many as possible.

The rescue team received a call about a dog with severe mange. Mange is always difficult to treat, but her condition was so severe that she had lost all her fur, putting her at risk of secondary skin infections, parasites and potentially fatal burns. The animal rescue service sent volunteers to help the dog. Understandably hungry, she was happy to receive treats from the volunteers, but she would not be taken away.

The dog was not only suspicious of humans. It had a good reason to be on the street. She was a new mother and her children depended on her. It took a lot of persuasion and treats, but he finally got close enough to the volunteer mother to pick her up. Now it was time to find her puppies.

One of the mother’s cubs looked healthy, but the other, Coco, was in poor condition. She also suffered from mange. Her eyes were not in good condition either. She looked weak and confused. The volunteer picked up the puppy and took it to its mother. Together they took the two dogs to the rescue center.

The mother was placed on the examination table. Her poor body was infested with scabies. She needed daily antibiotic ointment and daily medical baths. They hoped that with diligence and good nutrition she would make a full recovery. The mother was scared, but the medical team did their best to reassure her.

Coco was then examined. The little puppy worried the medical team. He was lethargic and weak. They gave Coco lots of encouragement and love and then treated her skin locally. She also had to be bathed with medicine every day. Fortunately, mother and baby were able to stay together at the rescue center until they recovered.

Once the dogs were settled, it was time for their first meal. Mama and Coco were not used to being locked in a kennel and having to deal with people. When a volunteer arrived with a big bowl of food, the dogs were a little scared at first.

But when the volunteer knelt down to show them that he only meant well and a delicious bowl of food, the dogs approached and started eating. This warmed everyone’s hearts.

Although the dogs were safe, they were in an unfamiliar environment. Coco, very small and fragile, hugged her mother at every opportunity. She could only sleep against her mother’s body. It was a beautiful sight. The bond between them was so open and pure.

After a few weeks of careful care, Coco and her mother felt much better. Coco even had energy to play, which drove her mother crazy. Then something very sweet happened that amazed the volunteers.

Coco watched her mom closely and imitated everything she did. When mom scratched her ear, Coco did the same. If mom sat down to scratch, Coco would do the same. Coco never took her eyes off her mother and she was very attractive.

Watch the video below to see what happened to Anne and Coco. We will always be grateful to Animal Aid for everything they do for society. We know there are more strays than they can handle, but they do the best they can!