So cute and adorable so happy they all got rescued and hopefully they all will get forever homes. ❤🏡

It is unclear why these 4-year-old kittens were a.ban.doned; the hun.gry and lonely kittens in the dark were lucky enough to be discovered by Donna, a very very kind woman!

Donna is an animal rescuer who helps cats in the community find permanent homes. She decided she couldn’t a.ban.don these three tiny newcomers and decided to look after them.

kittens safe

The tiny kittens weigh less than a pound and require constant attention. Donna did not hesitate to welcome them and make them feel at ease. – They had a great night for the first time since birth, using the toilet tray and eating like champions!

sleeping kitten woody

Donna is overjoyed to see this incredible trio grow, and she has a long plan to fatten them up. They have been named Woody (gray), Bryson (black cat), and Kenzie (solid black).
Newborn kittens enjoy exploring and purring, but they are still adorable!

kittens trio

When all three are old enough to adopt, they will join the Cats Are People, Too! adoption program. The club assists them in obtaining their ideal home.

snuggling kittens tree

Woody quickly gained a wonderful family that included a cat, a dog, and two adoring human sisters. Bryson and Kenzie, a bonded couple, have been adopted into a wonderful home together. They’ll never be apart again.

kittens funny

The three have come a long way and are now living their best lives with their forever family.
Donna enjoys the process of raising kittens, and she is eager to share it with many more a.ban.doned animals!

happy snuggly kittens

Such a happy end for them . And now their life begins being love and cared for . Thanks for that!💕
Bless you for rescuing these precious kittens! God bless you all. 🙏🙏🙏

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