The animals saw the owner was ill and went to cure them as the cats can

Dedd Kley is a woman who likes cats and already five years she lives with cats.

She always help people who want to have pets and want take care of them.First she brought them only to love then she understood that they must be the members of her family.Now they are very attached to each other .

Cats do what they think can help the woman .She called the kittens Xolli Timmi Mojjo Ossi and Feitt.But months passed and the girt had a need to lay in bed .

She was ill.The pets understood that the woman was ill and had a ned of help.They went to his bed and startd doing htheir own terapies in order to help her.

They did not let her alone allways care her and murmur lovely .It is very good that evn animals understand the difficultness and help a person in a terrible situation.