The baby was hit by a car and she couldn’t stand up on her paws

The dog tried to get to the opposite side of the street, but as soon as it ran out onto the road, it felt a blow. A small dog was hit by a car, she ended up on the side of the road and, due to injuries, could not stand on her paws. The dog floundered in the mud, trying to get up, but his efforts were unsuccessful. The poor fellow had no choice but to just lie on the side of the road and hope that someone would come to her aid.

The dog was seen by the staff of the animal shelter. They immediately realized that the animal needed help and took him to the veterinary clinic. After examination, the dog was diagnosed with a bruise and head injury.

Doctors said that the dog was already an adult and until recently lived at home, because she wasn’t afraid of people.She was well-groomed and, apparently, ate well. Why the dog ended up by the road and why it jumped out under the wheels of the car remained a mystery.

The dog was clearly stressed, she was constantly shaking, she refused food. Volunteers found overexposure for the victim. At home, the animal calmed down, the dog turned out to be kind and completely tame. Volunteers began searching for her owners, but they did not bring results.

After a while the dog went to another overexposure. During walks, her temporary mother Daria noticed that the dog tries to go in the same direction every time. The girl decided to check where her ward was pulling and followed her.

The dog reached one of the high-rise buildings and sat down opposite the entrance. It’s hard to believe, but a few minutes later a woman came out onto the balcony, she noticed the dog and immediately ran outside, because it was her pet, which she couldn’t find.

It turned out that the dog is already 10 years old, her name is Malyshka. The dog always went for walks on its own and always returned home, but on that terrible day it never came. The woman tried to find her Baby all this time, she visited all the nearby shelters, looked for her on the streets and asked passers-by. Now Baby has returned to her family and is happy again.